Qingdao Tianhaoxin Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Production Capability

We have professional and stable raw material suppliers, high-quality 100% virgin PE material, safe and environmentally friendly, no odor, more than 300 water jet looms, advanced equipment and excellent weaving technology, so that the fabric has high density, good quality toughness strength. The coating is cut evenly, neatly and smoothly, ensuring product quality from the source.

Drawing Workshop

  • Drawing workshop
  • zehao Drawing workshop
  • zehao production line

Weaving Workshop

  • sewing machine
  • Weaving workshop
  • Weaving machine

Coating Workshop

  • Coating Workshop
  • printing
  • Coating

Processing Workshop

Follow-up processing and packaging are completed according to customer needs. Professional warehouse management system, all goods are stocked according to different orders. Make sure there is no damage when loading.

From raw materials to final products, we are committed to quality, innovation and a desire to exceed our customers' needs.

  • Processing Workshop
  • Aluminum buckle
  • Package

Packing Workshop

  • roll
  • bale
  • carton

Testing Laboratory

We have strict quality control system, all products will be checked carefully at least 3 times (during the production process, before the finished product is produced and loaded by QC) At the same time, we always keep communication with customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • UV
  • machine
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Sample room

  • zehao Sample room
  • Sample roll
  • Sample sheet