• 2007

    Founded in 2007

  • 500+

    ZEHAO Group has more than 500 employees

  • 73,800

    Two manufacturing factories cover an area of 73,800㎡

  • 3,000tons+

    Production capacity is over 3,000 tons per month

  • 58,000,000US$+

    Annual turnover is more than 58 million US$

Zehao Group Image

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Explore the many applications of PE tarpaulin
Explore the many applications of PE tarpaulin

Polyethylene (PE) tarpaulin is a versatile and durable environmentally friendly material that has become an indispensable product in various industries and daily life due to its excellent performance. Its application range is very wide, from agriculture to construction, from outdoor activities to transportation, and has a very wide range of applications in home life and industry. We delve into the many applications of PE tarps and explore how PE tarps are changing countless fields.

September 26th , 2023